Fireside Universal Condensate Neutralizer
Our Products are Universal for any Condensing appliance
Our Smalles unit covers most residential applications
Clear body for easy sight inspection
Min 96% Pure media
Our products protect your plumbing & the Environment
Manufactured with uions for easy refill
Simple Kits
Removable and Re-Chargeable

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Thanks for visiting Fireside.
We manufacture the best Condensate Neutralizer on the market for easy sight
inspection, cleaning and refill.

Our pH neutralizing tubes are for treating acidic condensate produced by
todays high efficient condensing appliances.

We have the solution to the ever increasing demand for a neutralizing
cartridge to reduce the acidity of todays high efficiency gas appliances by
NATURALLY increasing the pH level.

Our neutralizer designs are the direct result of boiler and furnace manufacturers needs for a High quality,
Universal,  Re-chargeable and simple unit.  All units are clear. You don't have to buy optional kits,
union kits etc. We have 4 model numbers to handle any size of boiler up to 1.2 Million BTU.  Our neutralizers
are manufactured with 3/4" unions so they are truly removable out of the box.
Our neutralizer accepts 3/4 PVC" or 1/2" PVC , so you really have any option to attach any type of tubing you prefer.  

The Fireside Universal condensate kit contains a removable tube, the highest quality natural  media, no less than 96% and averaging
99% calcium carbonate.  The media is washed and dried.
With our media, we don't need added manufactured lime pellets full of fillers. They
are not needed and they dissolve into a sludge that diminishes surface area and slows/clogs neutralizer
.  That is why alot of other
manufacturers have cumbersome bypass piping. We can also manufacture a condensate neutralizer to your specifications.
We proudly manufacture in the USA
Fireside Universal Condensate Neutralizers
Oak Creek, Colorado
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